Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Weekend Retreat

 We had a wonderful weekend at one of my most favorite places in the world, White Sulphur Springs!  The Wright-Patterson chapels and OCF group had their annual retreat, so we joined them.  We enjoyed seeing my parents, as well as other old friends, including a USAFA classmate of Bob and his family (they also have 9 kids!)!

 The speaker was from Institute For Creation Research, so that was timely, what with all the AP biology last year!  Nathan and Luke sat in on his sessions, which were very practical and helpful. 

Even though we got up there Saturday at lunch and left Monday after lunch, there were still plenty of things to do--horseback riding, rock wall climbing, splitting wood, playing on the playground, square dancing--and Faith started riding a bike with no training wheels!  She asked me for help getting her started on Saturday afternoon, and then she was off!  This made Grace a little more motivated to actually do it herself, although she still is just too scared, LOL.  Faith is a little daredevil, and she zipped around the front driveway with her curls bouncing from side to side!
 Drew turned 9 months old while we were up there.  He eagerly crawled all over the place, but he still won't try to take a step.  He always sits down before moving his feet!  He has however mastered steps--going up them, that is!  Now I need to work on him turning himself around to go down.  He is eating pretty much all table food now, which is nice.  I am still forcing a baby food jar on him each day, though--I need 32 jars for a craft next week when I teach our elementary co-op!  I only need another 3-4 jars though.  Whew!  He'll be glad to just eat regular food, LOL.  He's a good little eater!  He's a happy guy too.  Hopefully he won't be as difficult and strong-willed as Micah is!
As always, our time up there wasn't long enough.  None of us wanted to come home!

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