Saturday, January 11, 2014

Back At It Again

Well, we made it through our first week back after break!  I will admit I was not thrilled with the idea of starting back again, but regardless, here we are!
Tuesday was an interesting day.  About 5 minutes before Rivendell was to start, and I was to start doing chemistry lab with the boys, Faith started crying about how the potty upstairs was clogged.  I went up to check it out and discovered that the potty was not clogged; rather the pipe was frozen.  Whee!  The pipe that froze was the only one we've ever had problems with in this house-it froze last when Dan and Melinda were out visiting us for Christmas back in 2004, the first Christmas we lived here!  I did have the passing thought when I realized how cold it was going to get that we should leave water trickling or something.  But alas, that thought passed right through my head, and I never thought about it again!

So I put a heater in the bathroom, left a message for Bob, and came down to teach!  Ironically, we were doing a lab about the relationship between volume and temperature in liquids, and it involved measuring the volume of water in a graduated cylinder at man different temperatures, so we started by immersing the graduated cylinder in an ice bath.  Perfect, for a freezing day, with a frozen pipe!

I pretty much put the pipe out of my mind, and since Tuesdays are incredibly busy (and the potty in question wasn't on the main floor), that wasn't too hard to do, LOL.  When Bob got home, he opened the door between the house and the garage, and put 2 space heaters in the garage (duh--should have thought of that myself).  He tried various other things and arrangements, but nothing happened until early Wednesday morning.  What a relief that the pipe didn't burst!  Thank you, Lord!!  I think we will remember to leave the water dribbling in that bathroom the next time it drops into the teens!

I started "formally" doing school with Faith this week.  I really want to get her reading, and I don't think it will take too long.  She is very motivated!  She is also already a whiz at math, which is what happens when you have been listening to your older siblings do math for your entire life.

For some reason, we also decided it was time to kick Drew out of the pack-n-play in our closet, and into the crib in Micah's room.  We've never ever had anyone stay in our closet for anywhere near this amount of time!  Usually we have the toddler move up into someone else's room, but we're at capacity in the other rooms right now.  Drew was not at all pleased with the idea of sleeping in the crib, and he left that fact be known quite loudly for quite a while Wednesday night.  Eventually he fell asleep, but it was pretty late.  Micah slept really restlessly--he kept crying out, like he was having a bad dream, every so often.  I would rush in so he wouldn't wake up Drew.  He started crying again at 7:15 Thursday morning, and this time Drew did wake up.  After nursing, he fell back to sleep, but Micah was up for good.  Since they were both more tired, Drew fell asleep a little more quickly Thursday night, but he still did protest loudly for a little while.  I've been putting him down in the pack-n-play for naps, since I want him to have good naps and at least be somewhat pleasant during the day.  I decided to put him down in the pack-n-play last night, since he went to bed really late (we were at Bible study).  He slept really well and really late--I woke him up at 9:30!  But tonight he goes back into the crib in Micah's room.  We will overcome!  He obviously needs more practice at sleeping places other than his pack-n-play in a pitch-dark closet, LOL.

The week ended well because the girls had a playdate with Lynnea's girls, and Lynnea and I got to visit for several hours yesterday!  Social time for me always ends a week on a high note!  And today, as soon as Anna's basketball game is over, we're heading over to visit with some friends we haven't seen for awhile in Maryland.  Fun!!

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