Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snowy Day

So today Bob and I were both up and out of here early, before 7:00.  He was off to work, of course, and I was off to vote in a special election.  As I pulled out of our subdivision, I heard the radio announcers mention that the government was closed today, due to the impending snow.  I called Bob right away and fortunately caught him before he had paid for the bus!  He said that made sense, since the parking lot was practically empty, and there were only 2 other people on the bus!  So he got back in his car and drove home. 

I continued on to my polling place, and when I got there, the parking lot was completely empty!  Hmmm . . . I looked closer at the tiny map on my phone and finally determined that we actually were just outside the boundary.  So Bob and I struck out this morning!

We couldn't just go back to bed, however, since today is our co-op day.  The elementary co-op was cancelled, but Rivendell meets pretty much regardless of weather, and this morning it wasn't even a question, since there wasn't a flake to be seen until around 10:00!  We did have to switch around the class order so that Megan didn't have to be out driving out before lunch with all her little ones.  So she taught lit first, and then we had chemistry.  By lunchtime the snow had picked up and was accumulating. 

After Rivendell finished up, the kids wanted to go play in the snow.  Drew stood at the door and fussed so much (and tried to escape out any time the door was opened), so I finally took pity on him and got him all dressed up for his first time out in the snow.  He had a pretty good time, although he had a hard time staying upright, LOL.  Me, I was only out there for the picture to be taken!  The boys stayed out forever, along with Bob, sledding down the hill at the end of our cul-de-sac.  We never get dry, powdery, Colorado snow!  It was so nice!

Inside, we fired up the hot chocolate maker that I won in the orthodontist's drawing back when I was pregnant with Faith.  For an appliance I was sure I would never use, we certainly have gotten a ton out use out of this thing!  It is really so nice to be able to make 32 ounces of hot chocolate at a time, and this thing stirs it up, heats it,  and keeps it heated.  I just keep adding milk/water and hot chocolate mix.  We must have made a gallon of hot chocolate today, LOL.  It was freezing outside!

After dinner, Bob and the boys played a new game called "Puerto Rico" that friends in our Bible study recommended.  It was complicated, I think, and so the first run-through was not all that smooth, but it sounded like it had the potential to be good.  It's a little like Settlers, but our friends liked it a lot better, and it gets really great reviews on Amazon. 

Nathan and Luke should have been at Civil Air Patrol, but alas, it was cancelled tonight, with all the snow.  Nathan was particularly disappointed because he was supposed to pin on his first rank as an officer tonight.  They have to bring in the group commander to their squadron for a pin-on like this, so it's not a small thing to have to reschedule.  It won't be next week, because that is their PT night.  Hopefully soon though!  At least the promotion is officially in the books, which is what matters for things like applications to Academy summer seminars.  Nathan has completed the application for USAFA's summer seminar, and Navy and West Point's just opened up last week, so he is working on those. 

The kids are all excited that tomorrow the snow will still be there, since it's supposed to be frigidly cold!  More snow fun tomorrow--and their cheeks are going to be red as cherries!  Finally--a decent amount of snow.  It's been a few years! 

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