Saturday, January 25, 2014

Caleb and Drew

Caleb and I braved the frigid cold on Wednesday to drive to Bethesda, so he could have a physical.  Since he has asthma and allergies, he has to get a doctor's okay to join Civil Air Patrol.  His asthma has been pretty well-controlled lately, since he started using his flovent puffer on a daily basis after an appointment a year ago.  Exercise and cold still have the potential to cause problems, but overall, he has not had to use his albuterol puffer (the rescue one) very much at all.  And he hasn't had any allergic reactions in a while either!  The doctor didn't even do a real physical exam of Caleb--just asked a lot of questions about his asthma and allergies, so he could sign off on the form.  But before we went into the examining room, the tech went ahead and did an eye exam, like he would do for any regular physical.  It turns out Caleb has really good vision!  20/13!  So Caleb may have hit the allergy and asthma jackpot in our family, but he also hit the good eyes and teeth jackpot!

Drew is smiling in this picture because he loves his big brother Caleb (and because Caleb is tickling him behind the knee, LOL).  However, Drew has not been doing a ton of smiling the past few days.  I thought he was teething, but I kept checking the front of his mouth, where he is missing one of the 8 front teeth that babies usually get first.  None of my other ones got 7 teeth in, and then stayed at 7 for months!  But that tooth doesn't look like it is anywhere near ready to pop out, so I wasn't sure what to think.  But a few days ago, Drew was crying one of those loud, mouth-wide-open cries, and I happened to notice that the back of his gums were extremely swollen!  Ahhh . . . . it's the molars!  One top molar is through already, and 3 more are really close, poor guy.  Last night he slept terribly, and he has been pretty crabby during the day.  I've been dosing him up on Motrin, and hopefully this will pass quickly!

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