Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Continuing the Celebration

We may not be great at doing spectacular things on the exact day of each person's birth, but we are great at prolonging the celebrations!  We continued celebrating Anna's 8th birthday all weekend long!  She opened her presents Saturday night, instead of Monday, since Monday night is so busy, with Rivendell the next day.  We figured Nathan would rather be there for the birthday dinner (Monday) than for the present opening!
Anna is modeling a scarf in her favorite color ("teal") from her Grandma and Grandpa G.  They also got her the pink cupcake maker.  It turns out that Anna may not like "regular" cake and frosting, but that is only when she isn't making it!  She and the other girls spent Sunday afternoon making cupcakes, and she was so happy that she could do it all pretty much herself.  They were yummy!

Anna also got an American Girl book about McKenna (sp?), who is a gymnast, so Anna started in right away on that book.  When I was in Sams a few weeks ago, I saw these cute boxed sets of American Girls books which included a mini-doll.  I was so excited, even though there wasn't very much selection for characters.  Anna loves dark hair, so I picked Samantha for her.  Now the other 2 girls want one too (don't tell, but I bought 3 different sets--yay!).  And we got Anna a kite, which hopefully we can use even this weekend, if the weather will just stay spring-like!

Of course, we had freshly-made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, as well as ice cream on Sunday!  Monday we had Anna's birthday dinner.  You can tell she is growing up, because she picked a really great meal!  We had grilled steaks, a thin-sliced cheesy potato bake, roasted brussel sprouts, and fruit salad with grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and her new favorite kiwi fruit.  We had practically no left-overs, so everyone else approved of her choices as well, LOL.  I think Anna had a very nice birthday celebration, one worthy of such a sweet girl!

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