Thursday, January 15, 2015

Not an Option

It's time to register for AP exams now.  Christine had a bizarre encounter while doing so a few days ago at her local high school.  She had turned in the forms and was chatting with a counselor about colleges when the head of the guidance department came out and joined the conversation.  She said, "Ohhhh, you're homeschooling?  I'm so sorry, but college isn't an option for your son.  You have to count Carnegie units, and homeschoolers can't do that.  If you don't have an accredited diploma, you can't get accepted to college."

Wow!  Well, I guess that's that!  All that work for nothing!  Too bad Nathan has been offered a 4-year type 1 ROTC scholarship, since he won't be able to get accepted to any colleges.  And such a waste that he received an academy nomination from not only our Representative, but also our Senator, something that is apparently so rare in our area that the accepted word on the streets is that it simply doesn't happen.  Ah well . . .

No, obviously the lady was completely out to lunch, although it makes one wonder what other bad advice she is handing out, if she is so off about this.  I mean, really??  She's never heard about any of the homeschooled students who have been successful in college, such that she thinks it is impossible to even get into college?  This isn't the 80's!

Christine responded with remarkable restraint, however.  She just smiled and said, "Thanks, I'll get right on that . . ."  See, we're pretty much at the mercy of the local high school especially for AP testing.  I've heard horror stories from homeschoolers in other areas who have a really, really hard time finding seats for the AP exams.  Schools are not required to let outsiders take the tests, and many schools don't offer very many AP classes and are unwilling to order tests and provide proctors for tests none of their students take.  Unfortunately, only high schools are allowed to administer the AP tests, so if you can't find a seat, you are so out of luck.  But fortunately for us, the local schools have no problem with homeschoolers coming in and taking exams, AND the schools offer all the AP exams.  We definitely do not want to mess up a very good thing, and often people who confidently spout off very wrong information do not take kindly to being corrected!

But I'm letting everyone out there who might possibly be reading this blog know--homeschoolers can indeed get accepted at colleges.  All this work is NOT just a colossal waste of time!  Whew!

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