Friday, January 09, 2015

One Week Down

Okay, we made it through the first week back.  Whew!  Some of us were even less happier about the whole thing than others!

One good thing is that my thumb is finally better.  I briefly contemplated amputation last Friday, when I called at 6:30 AM to make an appointment, only to find out that Bethesda was closed because it was a federal holiday.  I continued soaking it in epsom salts and taking motrin around the clock, but it was still very sore and swollen Saturday.  Nathan took it upon himself to lance it and squeeze the pus out, and he did it much more gently than the doctor back in 2008, so I didn't even see stars!  Yesterday I could finally write without sticking my thumb straight up in the air so there was no pressure on it.  Yay!

We were all incredibly thrilled to get SNOW on Tuesday morning.  Our other co-op was cancelled, which made for a nice practice run.  We had to get lunches ready and get all up and going, but then at 8:15 we found out it was cancelled, so then we could just kind of relax.  Now hopefully we'll be ready for next week!  Rivendell of course was not cancelled.  We just skyped in the morning.  We were planning on trying 3-way skype for the afternoon, but we could never get all 3 of us on at the same time, so we had to resort to google hangouts.  It worked okay, although I don't feel like it catches a conversation as well.  It's a lot slower to switch from person to person.  But it worked.  After classes were done, the kids played outside.  I had organized the front closets before New Year's Day, which was timely.  Everyone had appropriate snow wear!

I had thought I was totally and completely ready for classes on Tuesday because I really was on top of things for anatomy.  I made up the quiz a week earlier, and I had the lab all typed up and ready to go.  I even am a little ahead on preparations for the next few weeks!  But then I thought I really should look at the life science syllabus, just to make sure we were where I thought we were.  Whoops!  As it turns out, I had planned on having them read 2 chapters over the break, and take one test.  I did not even LOOK at the syllabus when we were having our last class before break for some reason, so no one did anything except take the midterm exam.  Ahhh . . . not so very on top of things at all!  So that necessitated staying up late Monday night trying to figure out how to get back on track.  And then I realized Monday morning that I never actually sent the quiz to Siri to print out for Eric and Celia.  Ha!  I keep hoping that my brain will come out of this fog, and that pregnancy has not caused me to lose all these brain cells permanently, but I do worry . . .

We're also dealing with a little stomach bug, particularly with Micah and Drew.  They both threw up Tuesday (yes, it was a big mess in the middle of the night--thanks for asking, but I'll spare you the details) and ran fevers and were generally miserable Wednesday.  Micah is fine now, but Drew is still incredibly crabby.  I think his issues are complicated by his teething his 2 year molars right now, so he is a snotty mess with diarrhea, poor guy.  He is more snuggly than normal, which is nice except when I want to actually get anything done!
Verity is just her normal happy self, pictured here telling you all about this neat toy in front of her.  She has a lot to say!  She is also the absolute most cooperative baby.  Once she found her thumb several weeks ago, she will pretty much sleep until I get her up, so she can be as flexible as I need her to be.  She is such a gift!  I really don't think I could have handled a baby like Micah, who was in all ways the most UN-cooperative baby, right now!

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