Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day

It's snowing here.  Not the big puffy flakes that really pile up, and certainly not a blizzard like the northeast is expecting.  We may not even get more than about an inch (although we are all hoping for much more, LOL).  But it doesn't matter--I am so happy anyway because tomorrow is a real snow day for me!!

I'm supposed to be over at our elementary co-op tomorrow morning, so I planned for anatomy and life science to not meet this week, but instead to just cover the chapters at home and do the homework I had already prepared and assigned.  About dinnertime, the co-op cancelled for tomorrow because the church where we meet wasn't sure they could get the parking lots and sidewalks cleared off in time for us.  Soooo . . . a morning where I don't have to get the younger kids out the door to their co-op AND one where I don't have to teach?!?  That is a vacation!  Rivendell will still meet--we don't really cancel unless the power is out--but I won't be teaching.

Instead, I think I will make hot chocolate tomorrow morning.  We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner on our way home from Great Wolf Lodge back in December, and Anna picked the hot chocolate as her drink with her kids meal.  YUM!  It was so rich and chocolatey, with whipped cream on top.  We were all jealous.  Bob took some grouping of younger kids to Cracker Barrel another morning before church so they could also have hot chocolate, but alas--Cracker Barrel doesn't serve hot chocolate in the mornings.  (Haven't they heard some people greatly prefer it to coffee??)  Anyhow, Bob was relating this sad tale to the other C family in our co-op one Sunday.  This past Sunday they gave us a lovely hot chocolate kit--a gallon of whole milk, a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate caramel hot cocoa mix, and a can of whipped cream!  Isn't that an awesome gift?  I think tomorrow is the perfect time to break into it!


Diwakar said...

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Lynnea Williams said...

Bob Evans also has some super amazing hot chocolate....