Friday, September 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Verity!

Verity turned 1 yesterday!  I can't believe it was a year ago that she was born, one of my less eventful labors to be sure.  That was a gift from God, because having a baby the end of September for a homeschooling mother who also has a high school senior is the recipe for a mental breakdown right there, and a long, drawn-out, pitocin-induced labor with a hard recovery would have sent me over the edge for sure!  As it was, all her nursing troubles about did that anyway.  Bob and I thought for less than a nano-second about taking Verity with us to Colorado.  Hey, that's what happens when you decide to wean yourself back in August, way before Mom was ready to stop nursing!  So sorry (not really)!

Other than her nursing issues, Verity has been the most cooperative and happy baby ever.  She is so happy!  Her new thing she's started doing is nodding her head yes when you ask her something.  It is so cute!  While other unnamed kids have had "NO!" as their default response, Verity nods yes!  She's also started turning herself around to go down the stairs, which always makes me happy and relieved.  So mainly she just toddles around the house, babbling happily, totally content and secure that everyone who surrounds her adores her and dotes on her.  What a life.  Who wouldn't be happy?!  We're really thankful for her.  She is such a blessing!
We took dessert to Bible study tonight to celebrate.  Anna made cupcakes in her little cupcake maker, and she and Grace did the decorating while I was in biology lab this afternoon.  We also brought cookie dough brownies and sweet chex mix, since we only had 28 small cupcakes, and we knew that would never ever be enough.  Sure enough, there were 34 kids at Bible study tonight--along with 19 adults!  We're a fertile bunch.
Verity was not sure what to think about the singing and the candle.  Big siblings had to assist with blowing out the candle.
Afterward, though, she turned into a real party animal, dancing on the table!  We're going to have to watch this one!  She also thoroughly enjoyed her cupcake and some brownie.  Yum!  She didn't get any real presents though.  We have "1 year" baby toys out the wazoo, and I wasn't about to get something else just so she could unwrap something that she won't even remember. We did get passport pictures taken of her last night, as a special way to celebrate, LOL.  We're hoping to take another space-a adventure sometime, and she'll need her own passport for that!

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