Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Labor Day Retreat

We had such a fantastic time at the Labor Day retreat for my parents' chapel and Bible study group.  The weather was perfect, the speaker was great, and it was so nice to catch up with old friends!  One family who had been stationed elsewhere for a few years is back, so they were there again, and I really enjoyed the times I could sit and talk with Anja.
Saturday afternoon the little boys got to ride around the (corral?  paddock?  I'm not horsey), even though I forgot to sign them up, and there wasn't supposed to be any room left.  They were really looking forward to it, so I was *so* glad it worked out.  Whew!
Drew looked cute with his helmet on!  He was a little more scared of the horse than Micah, but he did fine.  They also got to pet the baby miniature horse who was born back in June.
Caleb was not a cooperative model.
Apparently he is only cooperative when it's a picture with Verity!
Faith really enjoyed her s'mores at the campfire Sunday evening!
Luke toasted some perfect marshmallows, while gazing off into the distance at . . . something.
It was fun seeing my parents again too!
Monday morning, Bob left with Faith, Micah, and Drew to go to Idlewild, the amusement park he's taken all the other kids to.  You can see how excited Micah was about this!  They had a great time riding the kiddie rides.  Idlewild is really the perfect place for kids the ages of Micah and Drew, and Faith always enjoys being the oldest!  The rest of us had an uneventful drive home Monday after lunch.  It was very quiet, since Verity napped, and we didn't have to stop once, since the smallest bladders were not with us!  Bob and the kids got home a little late, around 9:00, and the kids slept really well after their exciting day!

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