Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Verity!

Verity celebrated her 2nd birthday on Saturday!  I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've been pregnant.  That's the longest time since, well, 2000, I guess.  Verity looked a bit like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for her birthday because she fell on the carpet at Bible study Friday and skinned up her poor nose.  What a present!
We brought dessert to Bible study Friday night to celebrate, even though most of us had been gone all day down in Charlottesville.  I made 2 strawberry pies late Thursday night.  They honestly did not turn out that well, which goes to show I should probably not start baking things at 10:00 PM, lol.  They never really set, although that did not stop my kids from gobbling them down.  Bob baked brownies while we were gone, and those went over well, as usual.  Yum!
Saturday Verity got to celebrate by spending a good deal of the afternoon as a cross-country meet.  The high schoolers ran in a different meet (ironically about 20 minutes north of Orange, where we were on Friday, so about an hour and 20 minutes away), but they ended up meeting us at this meet in time to see Jonathan run.  The elementary school where we were had a lovely playground, so the kids had a ball playing there.  Verity would not keep her shoes on so she got pretty filthy.
Anna competed in her very first cross-country race (a 3k), and she got third for girls in her 10 and under age group!  She was happy because she had been very nervous in the car on the way over.  One thing she was nervous about is that she doesn't actually have her team singlet because the company was out of girls medium ones.  So she just had to wear a tank top of her own, and she was *very* concerned about this.  We all tried to tell her that this was a meet that was very casual and  literally no one would care a single bit about what she wore.  We were right!  Whew!  She got this nifty little medal, which I am sure will be a motivator to greater things.  She has been enjoying this season.
After dinner, which was Costco pizza (Verity did not get a say in that, lol), we had ice cream in Verity's honor.  Well, we tried to anyway.  I had bought 4 half gallons not too long ago, and we only had ice cream a time or two . . . but with all these teenage boys around, ice cream really doesn't last that long, and it turned out that all 4 cartons, plus another one we found in a different freezer, were practically empty.  We scraped out what we could, and also dug up a few ice cream bars from the recesses.  Poor child #10!  She didn't seem too disappointed.
After the ice cream, Verity opened her presents.  This is a real struggle for me--what do you get a 2 year old who has 9 older siblings?!?  And when you don't want to just have even more stuff to be strewn about the house?  Bob had gone to Ikea awhile ago, and he had picked up a wooden train set and a wooden abacus, so we gave those to her.  She does like the train, although it is possible that Micah and Drew like it even more than she does!  I used the abacus on Monday with Micah to help him learn his doubles facts.  I've been using duplo towers, but the abacus is easier.  Bob also had picked up an adorable little leotard that was on sale at the girls' gymnastics place, so Bob was the real shopper this birthday.  I was so glad because I really didn't have any extra time to hunt around for something we don't already have!  Verity was confused by the concept of tearing wrapping paper, probably because lately she has torn pages of a few books and gotten ROUNDLY scolded by me for it!
It looks like we should have just given Verity the gift bag!  She had a ton of fun with that too!  The younger 6 and I went to the store Monday afternoon (after an eternity at the dentist office for cleanings), and in line Verity pointed to the balloons and said, "Balloon!  Balloon!".  I decided to buy her one of the little ones on a stick, and she was thrilled to pieces with that!  Plus it can't fly up to the top of our cathedral ceiling and get stuck in our ceiling fan blades, so a win-win, definitely.  

Verity is still the happiest little girl, although I will say she has started to show her temper a bit more lately.  She has definitely gotten more screechy and demanding as well!  She has also started saying a lot more words, fitting in with our usual pattern of not talking much (recognizable words at least) until around 2.  Her hair is finally coming in (curly!).  About 2 weeks ago she peed on the potty one morning when she had been dry all night, and I got all excited, thinking she might be ready to potty-train.  Well, she has not produced any other thing on the potty since then, so my hope has been dampened, lol.  I guess we'll keep buying diapers for a little longer.  It's been over 19 years--what's a few more months?!  In fact, the very night of her birthday, I was giving her a bath with Micah and Drew--and she POOPED a ton in the tub!  What in the world?!  She hasn't done that since she was a baby!  What a stinker!  Good thing she's cute . . . I think we'll still keep her.  LOL!

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