Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Visit in PA

I'm finally catching up by going back to the Friday before Labor Day, when we headed out early to visit Bob's parents.  We got there after lunch, in time for cake and ice cream on the front porch!  Bob's sister Jane stopped by to visit too.
We sat and visited on the porch for awhile.
The younger kids ran around and played hide and seek.  It was cooler in PA than in VA, so it was really nice for them to be able to run some energy off outside without turning in to a melting pile of sweatiness!
Eventually the older boys moved inside to play some pool.
I love, love, love this picture of Bob's mom with Verity!  She was helping Verity up and down the porch stairs.  We were so thrilled to see how much more she was moving around.  Jane had the brilliant idea for her to snack on Frosted Flakes, since she hadn't been eating too much.  But she loves Frosted Flakes, and they are easy for her to munch on.  She had a lot more energy and was so much warmer than the past few times we've visited, where she mainly sat in her recliner under several blankets, no matter how warm it was.
Luke spent some good time with Grandpa on the back swing, and eventually Jane and Bob went back there too.
We left around 4:00 to get to WSS by dinnertime, but it was a really lovely visit!

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