Saturday, October 08, 2016

Introducing Pikachu

After Bruno died so unexpectedly, we talked about getting another bunny maybe after Christmas or something.  But we found that we really missed having a little furry body in the schoolroom to talk to, so we started looking around.  I knew we wanted another mini-rex, so I googled for them in Virginia, and I found an ad online for some bunnies born Aug. 12.  I started texting back and forth with this person (we didn't know if it was a male or female, although I suspected it was not an adult based on grammar and punctuation, lol.  The person sent some pictures of bunnies, and we finally were able to make it work today to drive out to see the bunnies.  They were about 1 1/2 hours away, not too far from Montpelier, actually.

We had already fallen in love with a little bunny who looked really yellow in the picture we received, but is actually more cinnamon-colored.  He was a male, too, which is what we wanted.  We were sold!  We bought him from what ended up being a girl, probably junior high or early high school, who was really nice.  She has handled her bunnies a lot, and this one seemed very friendly and good-tempered.  We named him Pikachu, and we brought him back home with us!
Pikachu was a very good traveler.  He just settled in and looked around during the long drive home in the rain.
Here at home we put him in Bruno's cage (that I had thoroughly cleaned out before).  We got a new little wicker tunnel for him to chew and to have some privacy.  He is so tiny compared to Bruno!  His fur is not as soft as Bruno's--but maybe that's because he's still so young?  He could definitely have some other breeds in his genetic past, for sure.
He seems to have settled in just fine.  I had ordered litter and juvenile bunny food, but I completely forgot hay!  Now that's on its way, thank  you Amazon prime.
We noticed that Pikachu is actually the same color as our couch--perfectly camouflaged!  He is so light and easy to hold.  Even Micah got a short turn.  Hopefully he'll fit in just as well as Bruno did--and hopefully we'll remember to call him Pikachu and not Bruno!  We've all made that mistake a few times today! 

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Mom said...

He is so adorable! And the picture of him with Micah is so cute!! Also found the college one, so now I know where you and Amy are standing! That picture had come up separately but I could never tell exactly where it was!

Don't forget to send me the "facial" pics from this summer,