Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Redwall Feast

Caleb and Jonathan are taking a writing class through Potter's School.  They've been reading Redwall (well, rereading, since they both went through a huge Redwall phase several years ago), and they had an assignment to do some special project relating to the book.  They could have a feast, make a sword and shield like Martin the Warrior's, or weave a tapestry (? not even an option in this house, lol).  The obvious choice was a feast, since we do cook around here.  Another boy in their class lives close to us and is also in Rivendell, so the 3 boys decided to have the feast together.  We checked out The Redwall Cookbook from the library, and the boys picked out some likely dishes one Tuesday afternoon.
Last night, Caleb, Jonathan, and I did some of the cooking.  We were making "Abbot's Special Abbey Trifle", which needed a custard sauce, so we made that.
Here is an over-dramatized shot of Jonathan doing it all. Ha!
Gabe and his mom came over this afternoon at 2:15.  We had finished the trifle as well as made 2 different kinds of scones this morning.  The light brown ones are from the cookbook, "Afternoon Tea Scones with Strawberry Jam and Cream".  The ones with specks (actually dried blueberries, which we happened to have in a bag in the pantry) were from this recipe.  We just used the blueberries in place of the raisins and added a squirt of lemon juice.  The blueberry ones were better, I think.  Don't tell anyone, but we used canned whipped cream on top, instead of clotted cream.  For shame!  We did make homemade whipped cream for the top of the trifle (and that was on top of the homemade custard sauce, instead of vanilla pudding for the layer below), so I guess that was authentic.

When they came, we were finishing up the "Golden Hill Pears", which were pears simmered and then covered with a syrup.  We used pretty big pears, so it took longer to cook than I was expecting.  They turned out really well though!

Gabe made a delicious "Squirrelmum's Blackberry and Apple Cake", as well as some "October Ale" for them to drink.  We were supposed to make "Summer Strawberry Fizz" to drink as well--but it kind of fell through the cracks, and it didn't get made.  Since we have everything for it, I told the boys I would make it for Rivendell on Tuesday so everyone can sample it!  Emily brought over her electric tea kettle so they could also have some authentic tea, since we were having more of a "tea" feast, than a "main course" one.  I had bought some disposable goblets for their ale, as well as some festive fall paper plates.  Just like at the Abbey, I'm sure!
Jonathan is a fine connoisseur of afternoon tea foods.
Caleb just enjoys good food--and it was all delicious!
Here are all 3 boys, diligently reading Redwall . . .

It was a super fun afternoon.  There was enough of everything for all the very interested younger siblings (and Luke) to sample. I said I thought we should definitely bring back afternoon tea as a tradition, like the British.  So much yumminess! 

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