Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Falling Behind

So I mentioned on my last post that I was somewhat behind on my laundry. . . Last night both Nathan and Luke threw up, in their beds of course. Today Jonathan threw up once in my bed and once in his. Anna has diarrhea and has blown out several outfits. Others have variously struggled through out the day with diarrhea. I was queasy all day but hoped that my stomach would be able to struggle through it all, even while being surrounded by various bodily waste products. A little while ago I lost that battle, although thankfully I am old enough to search out the nearest trash can and not mess up the bed! I was in the kitchen and couldn't make it to the bathroom so had to puke in the trash can. Here's how it went:

Me: (Blech)

Caleb wanders in: Did you ever get me the applesauce I asked for?

Me: (Blech) Go away.

Jonathan wanders in: I want applesauce. Can I have a bowl of applesauce? Hey, what are you doing?

Me: Throwing up.

Jonathan and Caleb: When are you going to get my applesauce?

Lesson learned: Always try to make it into the bathroom if you are hoping for a bit of privacy.

And now I am REALLY far behind on laundry.

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Dy said...


*Now* I understand what people mean when they say even the most awful things can be written in a funny way. You managed it. (And I will remember to head for the bath for sure next time! Right after I move the applesauce to a shelf the boys can reach.)

Feel better soon!