Friday, December 15, 2006

Little Things

We're all better now I think. I saw a little article in the Times this morning about how a norovirus has hit Catholic University, making lots of students sick with vomiting and diarrhea right during finals. I'm assuming that's what is going around here too, and I am VERY thankful that neither I, nor the boys, have to worry about being sick disprupting tests or anything else vitally important!

Bob stayed home sick yesterday, which is not a good thing in and of itself, but it did allow me to do my one hour glucose tolerance test in the morning and also go to the commissary with just Nathan. You know, it is still a long trip, but I was amazed at how much less tired I felt without having to make sure Caleb and Jonathan were always on the right side of the aisle, and someone was pushing Anna, but not running into the shelves with her, and keeping Anna from fussing. Nice!

It was an especially good trip because the commissary had the old style of Playtex nipples. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but I have always used the Playtex drop-in bottles for all my babies. Since I haven't had to do bottles for all that long with any of them, I really like not having to sterilize bottles all the time. Anyhow, when I started Anna on her bottles, I realized that some of the nipples I already had were getting old, so I threw them away and went shopping for new ones. Oh no! Playtex totally redesigned their nipples, and now they are these weenie, squishy things that Anna hates. So I have just been using the old ones I have left and washing them all the time. When I saw that the commissary had the old kind, I was so excited! We bought 6 packages of 2, I think (leaving a token one package for anyone else who might be searching, LOL), so that should cover us for the rest of Anna's bottle time, plus if we have another baby. Whew! Like I said, it's the little things in life . . .

Bob had already taken today off as leave. This morning our co-op is having their Christmas skating party, and he took Nathan and Luke. Caleb chose to stay home, since Joel McC was coming over to play while Christine took her other 3 boys to the party. So Anna is napping, and Caleb, Joanthan, and Joel are all down in the basement, happily playing with Bionicles with no older brothers to tell them how to do things. LOL! I'm having a nice, relaxing morning on the computer. Ahhh.

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