Monday, December 18, 2006

We're Expecting!!!

A new minivan, that is. The due date is right around the first of the year. As I've said before, although we absolutely love our 2000 Honda Odyssey, and it has served us faithfully these past almost 7 years, when the new baby comes we will simply no longer all fit in it. We knew we wanted to get an 8-seat Toyota Sienna, and we (mainly Bob, LOL) had been watching to see when the new ones would come out. They finally arrived in showrooms, so yesterday afternoon we drove up to Maryland, to the Carmax Toyota dealership there. They had exactly one new 8 seat Sienna there, and we wanted to look at it. It was a silvery color, which we liked, but it had running boards, which we didn't like. I can totally see the boys jumping on them all the time and breaking them off. But they have another one coming in a few weeks that is also silver, but does not have running boards. So we put down a deposit! How exciting!

I had pretty much resigned myself to only having one automatic sliding door, but as it turns out, the new ones have both doors automatic! Yay! That makes getting a new Sienna, as opposed to last year's, worth it to me. After having both be automatic on the Odyssey all these years, it probably would have taken some getting used to, although that would have been a pretty minor complaint, LOL.

So to recap: we're getting a LE in "Silver Shadow Pearl". Bob thought that getting another silver minivan meant that we were "boring" but I said, "Hey, why fight it? I like things to be the same! I KNOW I'm boring!" LOL!


witw said...

so, if you have seven kids you will have to get an another car? Just something to think about. Melinda

Pilot Mom said...

You are FAR from boring, Claire! Trust me! :)

Bob & Claire said...

Mel, yeah, if we had another one, we'd have to get another car. BUT that would have to be a 12 passenger van or something, and that just isn't very practical here in D.C. Parking is already so tight, I can't imagine anything bigger than a minivan. Hopefully if we had another, we'd be somewhere with a little more breathing room.

witw said...

Texas you would have some breathing room and the parking lots are big. A 12 passenger van would work. Although I am not sure how long we will be Texas residents. Me