Monday, July 30, 2007

Grandma and her girls

Anna, Emily, and Grace are all wearing their dresses from "Momma Claire", also known as my Aunt Claire or Pilotmom. She was the only Claire who was missing from this party, and she and Uncle Jim were sorely missed indeed!
We were able to take pictures before church. After church, Mom and Dad went out to eat with Dan and Melinda, while we came back home to prepare to take Nathan up to White Sulphur Springs for his week at Camp Caleb. Then Mom and Dad took off this morning, so we are back to just our boring selves, LOL, without even Nathan! I'm hoping to get some projects done this week, since we're not doing school. We'll see how that works out. I'm not holding my breath and expecting big things, though, LOL.


Chris and Johanna said...

It must be nice having all those girls around finally. My mom now has 7 grandsons. I am hopeful that our next try may end up a girl. Maybe my older brother, Joel, will have a girl. He just told us all over the weekend that they are expecting their first sometime around the end of March next year.

Elizabeth said...

You didn't happen to see Zachary at WSS did you? Ed