Monday, July 30, 2007

Special Visit

My brother Dan, his wife Melinda, and their baby girl Emily visited us this past weekend all the way from Texas! Emily was just born in January, so this was our first chance to meet her in person! We all thought she was an absolute doll--well, all of us except Anna, perhaps. She was definitely not sure what to do with this new interloper, LOL. She was in a pretty grumpy mood all weekend long, and she gave Uncle Dan the ol' evil eye every time she looked at him. With Emily she was aloof and suspicious, although she did like to pick up toys that Emily dropped and give them back to her. After they all left, she was so happy, so Bob and I said she must be thinking, "Yay, that other little girl is gone--I guess they're keeping me after all!" LOL

Emily is so cute, and there is definitely a family resemblance between her and Anna. She also sports the same bald haircut that Anna has (although Anna has grown some hair in the last 2 months or so), which helps the resemblance. The boys had such a great time with her, entertaining her and making her laugh. Emily gave out lots of big smiles all weekend long (except during some photo opportunities, of course, LOL) and was such a happy little girl! We really enjoyed meeting her!

*Update* Well, Anna was still pretty crabby today. She's also doing other weird things, like taking over 3 hour naps, rubbing her eyes all the time, etc. So there is obviously something else going on, like a growth spurt or allergies or something, and this just wasn't a good weekend for her to have company, even very, very special company!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved the pictures. Your commentary is always so enjoyable to read and very accurate. Emily finally got to meet her only first cousins which must have made it interesting for everyone.

I am so glad Melinda remembered to bring that very special dress Aunt Claire gave Emily. I am also glad you finally got to be together this weekend. We are blessed that Emily is part of such a caring, loving family.

Melinda's Mom