Monday, July 09, 2007

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

This lovely object d'art is what art scholars call a "Chia Shrek". Who was the person of classic taste that bestowed such a work of art upon us? Why, my brother Dan! He received it himself as a gift at an office white elephant exchange (if you can imagine giving away such a treasure), and then he regifted it to the boys for Christmas 2 years ago. We brought it home from Texas, and it languished in its box until the Spirit moved or something, and we decided to "grow" it a few weeks ago. I must say 1. this picture does not do it justice, and 2. it looks nothing like the box picture, where Shrek was covered with little plants with short stems and big leaves, such that the picture did indeed resemble Shrek.

To be fair, Dan and Melinda also gave the boys a Bionicle set that year, vaulting them into "most favored aunt and uncle" status, a position they kept after giving the boys Walmart gift cards this past year. We are also enjoying another one of their gifts currently, the Star Wars Cookbook, which they gave Nathan for his birthday. We made Skywalker Smoothies yesterday--the book says, "Luke definitely has the Force on his side, but sometimes he gets an extra boost from these scrumptious smoothies." I think "Wookie Cookies" are next on the agenda, followed by "Princess Leia Danish Dos". Luke is interested in making "Darth Vader Dark Chocolate Sundaes--"Some speculate that Darth Vader was lured to the Dark Side by these Dark Chocolate Sundaes." Other recipes in the book include Hoth Chocolate, Han-burgers, Obi-Wan Kebabs, Boba Fett-ucine, and Wampa Snow Cones. The book is filled with pictures of the food, with toy Star Wars figues posed beside them. Pretty funny! At the front of the book are cooking rules. They start: "The calm, perceptive mind of a Jedi warrior will enable you to prevent most mishaps in the kitchen. Use it well and follow these general guidlines." I wish I had some Jedi warrioers in the kitchen! Apparently Jedi cooks "clean up as they go along".

At the end of the book are some stickers with sayings like "Use the fork, Luke." and "Eat this you must. Help you it can." We've gotten a lot of laughs from this book. Now Nathan has the second Star Wars cookbook on our wish list at Amazon.

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witw said...

hmmm...yes, that does look different than what I had envisioned. Shrek seems to have a real nose hair problem, and should probably think about going with a comb-over. Maybe the three years in the box equaled 40 Shrek-years, and what we have here is aging and balding Shrek?

I'm glad to hear that the cookbook is a hit; I thought that sounded like something everybody would enjoy.