Sunday, July 01, 2007

"Oh, Anna . . . noooooooooooooo"

Anna had a busy week this past week as well. She started off the week with a bit of a bug. Mainly she just ran a little fever (which isn't so bad--kind of takes the edge off, you know?), but she did throw up a few times Monday morning. Fortunately my reflexes were in fine form, and I managed to whip her off the couch and over a trash can each time, thus saving our nice couch from yuckiness.

Tuesday evening she was up on her stool in the kitchen, and she managed to turn the microwave on for some uncertain but very long period of time. I was on the computer, and when I got off and wandered into the kitchen, I smelled something and noticed that the microwave was on. At about that moment, it turned off, so I opened it, letting out a ton of stinky smoke. Some tiny piece of ham or something that had fallen off a plate had become a smoking lump of carbon, and the microwave was blank. I was so worried that she had totally fried the thing, but after about 20 minutes, it did come back, so I guess it was just overheated. Thank the Lord for safety switches like that! When I asked how come no one had told me the microwave was even on (since 3 of her brothers were in the kitchen), Jonathan piped up that he had in fact told me that Anna was pushing buttons on the microwave. Unfortunately, Jonathan pretty much chatters all day long, usually about Star Wars, so I guess I just tuned him out. whoops! I told him that for IMPORTANT stuff like Anna pushing microwave buttons, he needed to come touch my arm to make sure I was REALLY listening, LOL.

On Thursday night, Anna walked on the base of our torch lamp in the family room, sending it crashing over and shattering the shade into a bazillion tiny shards of glass while I looked on impotently as I nursed Grace. Sigh.

Friday, we went to Target to buy a new lamp as well as some new shoes for Caleb. While we were looking at shoes, I was distracted, and Anna (who was in the back of the cart) stood up and reached for a shoebox and fell out of the cart. This is what led to the attractive shiner she is sporting in the picture on top. Usually I buckle her in the front and put Grace's carseat in the back, but who knows what I was thinking then?!

Maybe next week will be a little less eventful for her (and me).


Dy said...

Oh, Claire. {{hugs}} It's amazing how one so little can shave SO many years off the ends of our lives... in such rapid succession!

She's a cutie even w/ a big ol' shiner. Maybe the boys could make up a Really Cool Story for her about it to tell her one day? ;-)

Here's to a peaceful, relatively sedentary week for you... and Anna!


Chris and Johanna said...

It is always nice to here that other people's kids do the same things yours do. Makes you feel almost normal. At least she didnt stick something metal in the microwave. Now that would have been interesting.