Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back Up to 7!

We picked up Luke and Caleb from White Sulphur Springs yesterday!  They had a grand time at Camp Caleb.  The theme this year was "junkyard", with their key verse being II Cor. 5: 17 ("if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation . . .").  Caleb was full of tales about not one but 2 people who injured their ankles during the week (one sprained, one broken--yikes!), so I was glad he and Luke were both safe and sound!  They weer both glad to be home and sleeping in their own beds last night, and it was good to have them back.

We saw Nathan as well, since we stayed for lunch.  He is done with the outdoors camping week (AO), but now he is staying at WSS for 2 more weeks to work on boys' support staff.  I was worried about how and when he'd do his laundry, since all the stuff he wore for the week of AO is desperately in need of washing.  But then I decided he is 15 years old, and I'm sure he'll figure it out!  Nathan reported having a great time on AO, and the older guy (who worked on staff the years I did, although not on my particular staffs) said he was a great servant-leader and a lot of fun to have along.  There was some story that was evidently hilarious about Nathan, who got dehydrated on a hike and did or said something funny relating to a tent.  But alas, we don't yet have the full story on that, since Nathan ushered us quickly out onto the porch so we could take the above picture (funny--he wasn't so interested in the picture until Dale started telling the story . . .). 

I'm driving back up to WSS tomorrow to take Jonathan for his week of Camp Caleb, so hopefully I'll see Nathan again and get more of the story!  And that means we'll be back down to 6 kids here at home, although at least I won't have all 3 of my older boys gone!  Yeah--not making that scheduling mistake again, LOL. 

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