Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Art

I was going to post this picture while Jonathan was away at camp last week, but I didn't get a lot of blogging done then!  Caleb started taking the same art class as Jonathan back in June, and I finally got around to taking a picture of his first picture.  This is not a very good photograph, because the flash is too bright, but it's a copper tea kettle with some peaches.  It's really nice!  I think we're going to frame it and hang it in the kitchen along with Jonathan's pear picture. 

This actually might be Caleb's only picture, at least for a long while.  Their art teacher was pregnant and due in September, so we thought we would have art lessons until the end of August at least.  But unexpectedly, she developed preeclampsia last week, and the baby was born at 32 weeks on Wednesday.  We are praising the Lord that she seems to have recovered now, and hopefully the little baby boy will not have to spend too much time in the hospital either.  He was tiny--2 pounds, 1 ounce!

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