Saturday, July 14, 2012


 We were really busy this past week.  We had a playdate on Monday, the girls had a birthday party on Tuesday, we got pictures taken on Wednesday, and Jonathan had his art class, and Thursday we had my friend Kimberly and her kids over so she and I could do our Hebrews Bible study, and Jonathan had an orthodontist appointment later on.  Friday we left at 8:00 to drive to WSS, and we didn't get home until after 5:30!  Whew--what a week!

I usually get (professional) pictures taken of my babies around their 1 year birthday.  Micah's birthday was back in April, so that obviously came and went, LOL.  I wanted to get the girls' pictures taken as well, and one thing that was really holding me back was that I could not figure out what to have them all wear that would be somewhat matching.  And I didn't want to go out and buy white shirts for everyone, for example.  But then I remembered that my friend Lynnea had pictures taken of her girls in all patriotic clothes (hers matched though, LOL), so I dug through their tubs and found these things.  Grace did not like her dress, but I told her she only had to wear it until after the pictures!
Although you can't tell here, none of the girls were particularly co-operative.  Anna has this weird tendancy to freeze and clench up when the camera is on her.  I almost didn't get an individual picture of her because all the shots have her with this weird one-shoulder-up-grimace-on-her-face pose.  Grace smiled in her individual shots, but not a real smile with her eyes, you know?  And Faith was just a bit grumpy (again, you can't tell here, but definitely in her individual shots), so her picture has her not really smiling, but not really frowning.  She had a good hair day though--she looks so much like Shirley Temple in her individual picture!
And Micah--Micah was not cooperative at all.  The lady started with him, and he would not crack a smile.  She was doing all these tricks with stuffed animals and whatnot, and he just sat there in a little rocking chair looking at her like, "You are so weird, lady."  Again, not frowning or crying--just no smile whatsoever.  Totally serious.  But then the lady hit upon the idea of bubbles.  He liked the bubbles!  So for the rest of the time, Jonathan was on bubble duty, blowing a steady stream of bubbles and catching some of them on the wand so Micah could pop them himself.  Then we got smiles like the one above!  Of course, when trying to get all 4 kids to smile with the bubbles, they were all invariably looking at different bubbles, totally distracted, so that was not as good, LOL.

Oh well, it's over.  Next summer I am planning on bringing in the new baby, plus everyone else for a group shot.  Yippee--can't wait.  Ha!

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