Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Week For Drew!

1.  Drew started rolling from front to back last Thursday!  He's okay with it if he is up and playing on the floor.  He is NOT happy when he does it when he's sleeping.  He only did that once, LOL.

2,  Drew found his thumb last Friday!  It's still hit and miss as far as reliably getting it in his mouth.  It is helping him sleep though!  Which leads us to . . .

3.  Drew slept until 8:00 this morning!  That was lovely!  Of course, Micah was up crying at 7:00, and Faith was hollering at 7:30 because she needed toilet paper in her bathroom, but still . . .

4. Drew had his first formula bottle this morning!  I wanted to try him on formula to make sure I could leave him for the weekend I go to Ohio, but I also wanted to make sure I was around, in case it didn't work or he was allergic or something.  The younger kids didn't have TNT this morning, because they're on winter break (lucky ducks, LOL), so that was perfect--Caleb gave him the bottle while I was leading a fetal pig dissection for biology!  Drew did fine with it, although he didn't have naps as long as he usually does this afternoon.  That, however, could be from all the kids we have here Tuesday afternoons, LOL.  I'll try another formula bottle before I leave, just to make sure he's okay with it. 

And in the picture above, Drew is smiling and cooing at his beloved older sister Grace!

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