Sunday, February 24, 2013

Score at Office Depot

This afternoon I had to make a ton of copies for my astronomy lesson at the elementary co-op on Tuesday, and while everything was copying, I happened to notice the clearance rack.  On the rack was this enormous 5 inch binder, on sale for $3.93.  I have been needing a new binder because I had 2 smaller ones for biology--both 2 inches, including this purple one.  But they were getting full, and the year is only 3/4 over!  I have never seen a binder as big as this one though, LOL.  After the copying was done, I walked around the store to find nametags for the field trip I'm in charge of, and I happened to see other 5 inch binders on the shelf--for over $35!!  So I ran back and picked up this bargain as fast as possible!  When I took it to the checkout, it rang up as originally $32.99, so getting it for $3.93 was such a steal!  Now this beauty has a ton of my biology handouts and notes in it, and it's not even half full!  I do still have the stuff I need right now in my smaller purple binder, because getting papers out of this monster is not as easy as you might think, ha. 

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