Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Another Early Morning Adventure

So last Thursday, we had ANOTHER morning adventure!  This time there was a C-17 flying out of Dover AFB to Travis with 53 "firm" seats and a showtime of noon.  So we got up and left our house at 7:45, getting to Dover in plenty of time.  We walked in the terminal and headed straight to the bathroom, since Faith was desperate to go.  On our way, we saw the same retired couple we had met up at McGuire, the ones who drove up from Charleston.  I was glad to see her--until she passed on the sad  news that they had just announced that the flight was actually only releasing 19 seats.  What?!?  What happened to "firm"??  Alas, that is the way of space-a.  Another wasted trip!  We ate the sandwiches we had packed, and then we packed all our stuff back into the van.  We were becoming experts at unloading and reloading!

So we headed back home, and I will say this trip was a lot more discouraging.  We really thought we would get out!  But we didn't want the whole day to go to waste, so we stopped by the Naval Academy on the way home.  What a beautiful campus!  I've never walked around there, and we all really enjoyed seeing it.
Here we are in front of the chapel.  It is beautiful inside, with the light coming in from the huge dome on top (that you can't see from this side).
Picture with the goat.  The day wasn't anywhere near as cold as it had been on our fruitless jaunt to McGuire, but it was still pretty chilly, especially with the wind!  We were waiting for Bob to get the van, and we were all freezing!
Jonathan makes a great John Paul Jones, doesn't he?  We didn't spend a ton of time in the actual visitors center, but we did see quite an interesting display on ship medical care a long time ago, including a gruesome drawing illustrating how to amputate a limb, along with the actual amputating saws.  Wow!  Blech.

Nathan was pretty impressed with the place!  He said he could totally see himself going there-except that he had never really liked boats.  Well, there is that, LOL.

So we headed on home, where Anna even made her basketball practice!  Right back to real life once again!

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