Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rivendell, West Campus

Tuesday (Feb. 11) we had Rivendell!  Finally we could experience being on the "other" side of the skype screen!  They took pity on me, and I did not teach chemistry starting at 4:45 AM (the time Eric has to get up for our regular chemistry class, at 9:45 EST).  Instead, Christine taught econ first starting at 6:15.  The boys did their class downstairs in the garage area where they were sleeping, and later on they had lit class down there too.

I taught chemistry at the end of the day, when we would normally be rushing out to Civil Air Patrol.  Notice my periodic table t-shirt, another gift to myself that is now too small . . .  We worked on more problems instead of doing a lab.
Jonathan and Caleb had their lit class with Lily on the upstairs porch off the master bedroom.  They definitely had the best view!

Saying hi to the memory work kids back in Virginia!
For memory work, Jonathan channeled his inner Pacific islander, and dressed in this lovely outfit.  He also demonstrated his hula technique, all of which was a bit distracting, if you can imagine.  At least he was paying attention to his little onstage lesson the night before!

The nice thing about the Hawaii Rivendell campus is that classes are over at lunchtime!  Plenty of time to hit the beach in the afternoon!  We actually went over to Hickam and did a little more souvenir shopping at the BX, as well as stopped by the terminal to check on flights in person, so we could find out aircraft types.  We got back in time for Nathan to visit Boy Scouts with Eric in the evening.  And then I sadly had to pack because we decided to try for a flight back to California the next morning.  Was our dream vacation really coming to an end??  Noooooooo!!!!

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