Saturday, February 15, 2014


Wednesday morning (Feb. 5), we were so glad we didn't have to get up early!  Before lunch, I taught chemistry class.  It was funny to be on the Hawaii side of the skype screen!

After lunch, we headed to a nearby beach.  All the beaches in Hawaii are public beaches--landowners can only claim past where the highest tide reaches--so you can walk along the beachline anywhere.  And there are public accesses everywhere, as well as showers and bathrooms.
The beaches are so nice!  They are not just straight shoreline, like I think of Atlantic beaches.  Everywhere there are lovely curves, trees or mountains behind you, beautiful islands off-shore, etc.  Just gorgeous!  And even in February, the water is warm enough to swim in!  It's so amazing to me that the average air and water temperatures only vary by about 10 degrees the entire year!  It was in the 70s the whole time we were there, and the water temperature was probably about 75.

This is actually a panoramic picture of the whole beach area where we were.
This is Drew's very first sand experience, and you can see that he doesn't hate it.  He's not exactly smiling, but he's not crying, either.  He did NOT like the water, however.  Not one bit!
Everyone else had a ball, both in the sand, and in the water.  We borrowed boogie boards from the C's, and the kids had a lot of fun with those.
We used this picture to announce our new little one on Facebook!

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