Saturday, February 22, 2014


The C's go to church on Sunday afternoons, so that leaves most of the day free to relax!  Nathan and Luke went on a morning hike with Eric and Celia.  It was drizzly, and they came back muddy, but they had a good time!  I didn't send the camera with them so--no pictures!
Bob did a lot of kayaking with the kids in the bay while we were there.  Sunday I finally got around to going with him.  The bay is so beautiful and peaceful!  I was a bit freaked out by all these pinkish snake-like things I could see right under my kayak because the water wasn't very deep.  Bob told me those things weren't anything to worry about--just the black snakes were poisonous.  So that made me jumpy about getting stranded on the shallow part of the reef and not being able to get free except by getting out!  Did I ever mention water is not my first love?!  But never fear--I did not get stranded, and we had a fun time!

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