Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Micah!

We are well in the throes of our "birthday season", where the birthdays come one right after the other.  This time, it was Micah, who turned 3 on April 9!  We started the celebration a little bit early, on last Saturday, when we gave him his "big" gift--a balance bike!  If you don't know what those are, they are little bikes with no pedals, so the child can work on balancing before worrying about pedaling.  We've seen them before (and even had friends who sold them!), but for some reason, we've just never gotten around to buying one for ourselves.  You can imagine Micah is absolutely LOVING his "big boy" bike!
After the bike giving, we all ate ice cream, of which we had a whopping 5 varieties to choose from!
I knew Micah's actual birthday was going to be a crazy day, so I decided we would do a little something on Tuesday for Rivendell.  So I baked cookie dough brownies in the morning, and after the younger kids cam back from TNT, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Micah.
For some reason, he was very unsure about the whole"sing to me" thing, even though he loves to sing to others!  He turned his head away and even started crying, which reminded me so much of Luke in his younger days, who also hated having the attention of everyone on him, especially on his birthday!
But all was well when Luke pointed out to Micah that now he could blow out the candles.  Whew!
On Wednesday, Micah's actual birthday, Bob took him, Anna, and Ian, our friend from church, out to a Nationals game.  They had a fantastic time!  The weather was nice, the people around then were a really fun group, and the Nationals won in a shoot-out, 10-7!  On the metro on the way home, Bob and some other random guy got the whole car to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game", and after that, "Happy Birthday" to Micah!  Then this other person gave Micah a foul ball that he had snagged during the game.  Fun time!  They didn't get home until after midnight, though, so it was a long day for a little pumpkin, even though he had just turned 3!

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