Thursday, April 24, 2014

Meet Bruno!

Bruno is the sweet little rabbit we got from Karynn and Zachary L. on Sunday.  He's a dwarf Rex, which means his fur is about the softest thing you can imagine.  His fur is so soft because of the "rex mutation", which is recessive and causes the hair to stick straight out from the body.  Also, hairs that normally are stiffer, the guard hairs, grow to be the same length as the softer down hairs (usually they are longer), so you don't feel them.  He's a beautiful chocolate brown color, with lighter brown patches on the back of his head, and his tummy is whiter.  He has the cutest little fuzzy tail!
We set him up in the study, and we have gradually given him more and more space in there.  Yesterday we hooked up the dog pen exercise area to the cage, so now we can just open up the cage and let him come out and run around.  This is especially nice when I am typing up chemistry problems at night in the study.  Bruno romps around his little area, and I don't feel so alone!  Of course, I also get distracted and go in the pen to visit, LOL.  I love having a pet that doesn't make any noise, other than rustling around.  This house does not need any more noise!
In his actual cage, we bought a little wicker tunnel thing for him to be able to hide in when he feels like there are just too many people (kids, LOL) around.  He made use of that on Tuesday especially, with all the extra Rivendell kids wanting to see him!  He likes to take naps in there as well.  We are tiring him out with all this exercise!
He's so curious!  I love to see him sniffing his little nose at everything.  When he runs around his pen, he leaps around, flicking his heels together.  It's so cute!
So yes, he is a little bit of a distraction for me, especially at night!  The books all said bunnies are most active early morning and in the evening, and that has definitely been true for Bruno.  Plus, I think he likes it when Micah and Drew are in bed.  Drew is scared of him (and who wouldn't be--such a ferocious creature!  Ha!), and Micah is excited and squealy whenever he moves around at all.  So Bruno likes coming out when they aren't around.  And I am happy to oblige!

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