Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Super Birthday Celebration!

Tonight we celebrated the birthdays of 3 very special people!  My dad's birthday was yesterday, Grace's is tomorrow, and Bob's is Friday.  Busy week!  We had a special dinner of grilled steak, cheesy potato bake, roasted brussel sprouts, stir-fried green beans, and a fruit salad--almost identical to Anna's birthday menu!  Bob gets the "hardy griller" award.  The rain was at times torrential, but he persevered, and the steaks were delicious!

After dinner, we ate my dad's favorite coffee cake along with ice cream, and then we opened presents.  Grace got a mini American Girl doll and book set, just like Anna (different doll though), another book, a scarf, and a chocolate dipping pot from Grandma and Grandpa that we are looking forward to using on Friday when we make chocolate-covered strawberries to bring to Bible study for dessert!
My parents came into town Sunday around dinner time.  They had been at White Sulphur Springs last weekend, celebrating the retirement of Clay and Marty Thomas, who were the center directors for 25 years.  WSS definitely won't be the same without them!  They came on staff I think the 3rd year I was working there on support staff, back when I was 16.  They were wonderful mentors, and I am so thrilled that Nathan was also able to be on staff under them!  Luke and the rest of our kids will get to know the new couple, and I am positive they will be just as wonderful!

My parents are only here for a few days, but we have really enjoyed visiting with them (and celebrating birthdays!).  They are on their way tomorrow to visit a bunch of different friends all over the southeast.  Hopefully it will stop raining, and they won't encounter any of the flooding that I've been seeing all over the news!

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