Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Family Picture at the WW II memorial

While we were at the World War II Memorial, we saw 2 guys who, we brilliantly deduced based on their haircuts, were military. One was an Army ROTC cadet, and the other had just finished Marine OTS. They were from the South, and were on a big cheap road trip. Fun! Anyhow, one of them consented to take our picture so that we would have one of those rare pictures with all of us in it. He almost cut Jonathan's head off, but hey--we're all there.

I loved the quote running around the back of the thing we are all sitting on: "Americans came to liberate, not to conquer, to promote freedom, and put an end to tyranny."


Dy said...

That's a beautiful picture. I just love how the kids have grown just since the fall! WOW!

That's a wonderful quote, too. Thank you for sharing it.


mattkimuber said...

Look at that happy American family!!Way to take advantage of the beautiful day.

Jenna said...

I was just telling Brian the other day how I would love to live in a city near D.C. Especially now with homeschooling, there's just so much history and things to do there that we just don't have in Dayton. We'll let you know if we plan a trip... maybe summer? I know our boys would definitely have fun together.
Take care!