Saturday, January 13, 2007

Trash Cans

We're in the market for a new trash can. We currently have a green plastic one that I believe we bought when we moved to Colorado, so it has served faithfully for around 12 years. There's nothing actually wrong with it, but it does have two drawbacks. First, the lid is not actually attached to it, so it always falls off (I think it is supposed to swing freely, but our trash is always too high, LOL). Second, Anna likes to pull up on it, and it is just not that heavy, so she will pull it over on herself, spilling trash everywhere.

Looking around, I can see that all the cool, fashion-minded folks around us have nice, shiny, sturdy aluminum trash cans with pedals to step on that open the lid, or some other gadget. "Great!" I think. "I'll buy one!" So a few weeks ago, I popped into Bed, Bath and Beyond, where I discovered that those nice, shiny, and sturdy trash cans ranged from $70-$200. Yikes! Okay. So I also looked at Target, where they were $70. That's still a lot of money for a trash can, in my book. I mean, it's for "storing my trash". I think we paid a couple of dollars at Walmart for our green plastic one!

Speaking of Walmart, we were there last Tuesday, so I thought I would check out their selection. I seriously do not know why I ever go shopping with everyone, because I never make good decisions. I can't concentrate or something. Anyhow, they have a nice, shiny, sturdy trash can for only $36. I'm sold! I buy it, along with a bunch of other stuff, and go home. (But not before getting out to the car, buckling everyone, and then realizing that I didn't pay for the $5 plastic dish drainer that was under the cart. So we all went back in and tried to explain that to the nice greeter, who of course was not a native English speaker and couldn't figure out what I was doing--"Something wrong? You return?" "No, I just forgot to pay!" "What? You exchange?" I finally did go back through the line to pay. After hearing a series of sermons on the Ten Commandments, I knew I could not walk off with it!)

We got home and put the box in the garage, where we left it for several days. Finally we brought it in, and I realized immediately that the words on the box said "oval" instead of round. I never even noticed that! When we took it out and realized how small it was, I also noted that the box clearly said "30 liters", which is something like 7 gallons. Yeah, that's not going to cut it for a family of soon-to-be 8, LOL. But I never even noticed all of this in the store! It was shiny! It looked sturdy! The lid appeared to be attached! So we bundled it all up again, and now I have to make a return trip to Walmart. Grrr. And we are still looking for a new trash can (one closer to 60 liters, however, LOL). And one cheaper than $70! I am a hard woman to please.

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Dy said...

Oh no! Oh, I feel for you. I am forever grabbing the Wrong Size liners. You'd think it would be ingrained in us by now, no?

Do you have a Costco there, or just BJ's? If you have a Costco, they have one that has a sensor and will open for you! I have no idea how much it runs, but Zorak's buddy got one, and the kids are forever begging for something to throw away. Except that it "bit" Smidge last night. He was a little taken aback. :-D