Monday, January 22, 2007


It snowed last night! This might not seem like such a big deal, since some of you all have been up to your eyeballs in snow this winter! But here in Northern Virginia, we have had a very warm winter with not so much as a flake of snow. And if you are a boy under 10, this is very disappointing (not so much if you are a mom to all those boys, and you are glad you haven't had to deal with heavy coats and gloves, LOL). Anyhow, Jonathan has been asking since, oh, I'd say November when it was going to snow. And yesterday afternoon it FINALLY snowed. It even stuck!

I didn't think it would still be there this morning, but it was, miracles of miracles, so the boys rushed through their independent work so they could play outside. I didn't think we could risk waiting until after lunch since the high was supposed to be around 40!

Wet, slushy snow packs really well, so a snow fort was started, and many snowballs were made and thrown. The little boys came in after an hour, but Nathan and Luke stayed out there for several hours.

After a late lunch we did the rest of school, and then they went back out again. Hopefully this will fulfill all their snow expectations for the year, since who knows how much more we'll get?! Now I have to find a place to hang 4 sopping wet snowsuits and 8 dripping gloves, as well as a place to put 8 messy boots. (Note to self: dream house must include bigger mud room.) But hey, the mess is all worth it--they had a great time and ran themselves ragged. I predict an early bedtime. Yay!


Laura said...

We do miss the snow, but not the mess, nor do we miss the long driveway that had to be shoveled. Love the silence that snow brings, though!

Dy said...

Oh, fun! James has officially given up on Alabama, now, and thinks we should finish the house, sell it, and move to Idaho. He has fixated on Idaho as the Mecca of snow and good housing. (???) I'm glad you at least got enough to play in. Every boy needs that at least once in the winter. We may have to take a day trip way up north to find snow before Spring!


Pilot Mom said...

We woke up to four more inches of new snow! :D