Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nana is Home!

My Grandma passed away Monday afternoon at 3:45 MST. My aunt and my mom were both with her. She was 90 years old, and she had really struggled, healthwise, since falling in August on her 90th birthday. Now we are so happy that she is in the presence of the Lord in her new, imperishable body!

This picture is from the trip that Anna and I took to see her back in June, and this is how I will remember her--tiny and sprightly, like an alert little bird! I am so glad that we were able to make that trip. The pictures are priceless.

We are all going to fly to Colorado for the funeral. My parents and aunt and uncle are also going to fly there, as will my cousin. We're all going to stay in the same hotel, so it will be like a family reunion! This is what we did back in April 2001 when my Grandpa passed away, and that was a very special time. Knowing that Grandma is in heaven allows us to be free to celebrate her life, since we know that we will see her again for eternity!


Laura said...

I'm rejoicing with you! It's such an incredible view of God's goodness and mercy when those we love go home to their Savior!

My grandmother died last March at 97 years of age, and she was a picture of a Christian tirelessly running the race to the end - never ceasing to praise and honor her Lord. Our family enjoyed the funeral, too. It was a wonderful reunion for us on this side of heaven and maybe a glimpse of the riches to come. (Although I personally don't think I'll ever have eyes for anyone but Christ the King when I get to heaven...!)

Jenna said...

She looks precious. She reminds me of my 91 year old Grandma as well. Sounds like you have wonderful memories and peace knowing where she is. Our prayers are with you though during this time of earthly loss.