Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Whirlwind

These past few days have been a whirlwind of activity, as I frantically try to pack for an airplane trip with 7 people, including a baby. Whew! Let's just say we are not traveling lightly, LOL. You remember the old Archie comic books, and how Veronica, whenever they all went on a trip, would always have this huge mountain of luggage? Yeah, that's us. Three suitcases, a hang-up bag, a pack-n-play, and 3 car seats. Traveling in winter stinks.

Of course, there is never a situation that can't be made more stressful by some unexpected crisis, and that is just what happened last night. For background, about a week ago, we loaned out our third car, an old Pathfinder, to a missionary couple who are visiting here from Kosovo. Now we are the new family in church, so of course we are hoping this makes a nice impression. But instead we got a call at 9:00 last night from the man saying that the Pathfinder broke down in Williamsburg, which is 3 hours away. Ack! We felt so embarrassed! So Bob, who had already started his leave, drove down there this morning in the Odyssey so they could use that while we are gone. He got the Pathfinder to a mechanic, and praise the Lord, he was an honest one. We were afraid of a price gouger in the tourist trap! Anyhow, the even better news was that this man could fix the Pathfinder today, so Bob was able to drive back home this evening. We really expected that the kids and I would have to go down and bring him back, and then we would have to go pick up the Pathfinder when we got back. So that saved us 6 hours of driving! I was anticipating a very late evening of packing, but since I was home all afternoon, I'm pretty much done. I jsut have to pack some snacks for the trip, and then I'll make lunches in the morning.

I also went to my doctor this morning and got a letter stating that I was safe to fly. I didn't want to take a chance that some perky flight attendant who has never had a baby in her life would take a look at my tummy and decide I must be ready to deliver and refuse to let me on the plane! THAT would be stressful! Situation avoided, however.

So please pray for us tomorrow as we fly, and especially for Anna. She can be a bit squawky, and I don't want her to bother the other passengers. I'll check back in once we're home again!


Beverly said...

Thinking of you and praying for you during your travels and also as you celebrate and remember the dear lady for whom all these trip preparations are for! Best wishes.


mattkimuber said...

Our prayers go with you. Bless you for all the work that went into the trip, especially helping out the missionary couple. "Getting off the ground" does require so much labor on the Mommy's part. It sound like God allow you a smooth road and clarity for the details. Now you can focus on the time ahead, loving those behind and celebrating the life your Grandmother. KIM