Thursday, November 14, 2013

Special Visitors!

Well, we have still not made it to the post office to apply for our passports.  Bob had been planning on taking today off, but he ended up needing to go to work today.  It's just as well it will have to wait a few more days, since we still need Drew and Bob's birth certificates, and since it would undoubtedly have taken much longer than I was expecting (that relentless optimism again, LOL).  And we had other plans today! Bob's sister Ann drove up this morning from Richmond, bringing with her Jasmine, her almost 3 year old granddaughter!

 Ann, I, and the 4 girls headed into D.C. to visit Georgetown Cupcakes, armed with the secret to get a free cupcake today:  "chocolate banana hazelnut".  That was the secret flavor of the day for today, and if you were one of the first 100 people to say those words, then you got one of those cupcakes free!  We got there later than I had expected, due to traffic and difficulties finding parking (thank GOD I was only driving the Sienna--we would have given up, had I been in the big van!).  But they still had chocolate banana hazelnut cupcakes left, so we each got a free one!  I also bought a caramel apple one and a chocolate one to take back for the boys at home to share.  Grace and I loved the cupcakes, but Anna and Faith were not as impressed, so we brought most of their cupcakes home as well for the boys to taste. 

I for one also really enjoyed walking up and down the little Georgetown sidestreets, looking at the neat old houses.  So much character!  I would love to see inside some of them!

After getting the van safely extricated from the tight parking spot, we headed over to Ft. Myer for an unplanned stop at the bustling tourist attraction that is their gas station.  We also looked at Arlington Cemetery, which you can see from the post, so it was a good opportunity.  For me it felt really weird to be at Ft. Myer but not going to the commissary!
 We drove home (lots more traffic), ate a late lunch, and then the girls and Micah did some crafts that Aunt Ann had brought.  I had thought Micah would really want to go with us this morning, and I didn't really want him to, since without him, Jasmine could just use his carseat.  But right before we were ready to leave, he and Jasmine got into a squabble about a Duplo figure.  I asked him if he wanted to go bye-bye with us, or stay and play with the Duplos, and he clutched the Duplo to himself, frowning ferociously, LOL.  But once we returned, he was happy to see us.  He and Jasmine continued to have a few issues, since as soon as either one started playing with any one thing, that immediately became the one thing the other person *had* to have, but they sorted things out!
 After 4:00 we headed over to Udvar-Hazy, since parking is free after 4:00.  We really wanted to go up to the observation tower to see the planes take off and land, but I didn't realize the tower closed at 4:30 (since the museum itself doesn't close until 5:30), and by the time we got ourselves inside and figured out where we needed to go, the tower had just closed.  Oh well--next time.  We had a fun time looking at the space shuttle and the airplanes.  Micah had so much fun he did not want to leave, and he threw a raging temper tantrum when he was forced to leave, which continued unabated when he was strapped into his carseat.  At that point, Faith joined the cacophony of crying, since she was not able to sit in the same row as Jasmine.  Oh, the humanity!!  So we had a very loud car ride home, until Micah eventually settled down and Faith fell asleep. 
After dinner, the kids zoned out in front of a movie with popcorn in these adorable little plastic popcorn holders that Ann and Wally got us for Christmas.  There are 12--enough for all of us!  Everyone was very tired, so I am sure we will all sleep well tonight!  Ann and Jasmine are headed back home tomorrow.  We had such a great time with them here! 

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