Friday, November 01, 2013

Starting the Celebration

Caleb doesn't actually turn 12 until Tuesday, but hey, it's November now, and it's never to early too start celebrating!  We brought dessert to Bible study tonight and sang Happy Birthday to him.  Caleb picked the desserts, and he decided not to have cake (yay!).  He picked mint-frosted brownies and frosted banana cookies (which you can't see in the picture).  He made the cookies all by himself, and they were delicious!
The other exciting part of our day was when our next door neighbor, Dr. Joe, rang the doorbell this morning.  He brought over a gallon Ziploc bag with their leftover Halloween candy that they didn't pass out, along with some peppers and tomatoes he had rescued from our garden before the last freeze.  So for anyone who was worried that our kids missed out on candy by not trick-or-treating:  fear no more! 

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