Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Year's Big Family Christmas Present . .

 . . . Passports!
We look like some defiant mafia members, eh?  We all trooped to Costco on Monday to get these lovely gems taken.  These are definitely some "neutral" faces!
We are planning on all going over to the post office tomorrow morning to apply, so I spent a good deal of time today gathering documents, filling out and printing online forms, and making copies of our driver's licenses.  When gathering documents, I realized that I never got around to ordering a birth certificate for Drew.  Oops!  I did that today too.  Also, it appears Bob's birth certificate and old (expired) passport have run off together, as neither one is anywhere to be found. So we need to order a new copy of his birth certificate, and I guess we can go in again for Drew and him. 
We've talked about getting passports for awhile now, but we just couldn't stomach the idea of spending over $1,000 at one shot.  But we're still hoping and praying we'll be able to take a space-a military hop over to Hawaii in February or so, and it is really prudent to have a passport when hopping OCONUS, since you never know when a flight might be diverted, or whatever.  So, what better time that now to get passports?!   Merry Christmas to us!

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