Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anna in Her Easter Dress

This is the dress that Aunt Claire bought Anna for Easter. Unfortunately, Easter here was about 50 degrees, so Anna didn't get to wear it, and we saved it for when AUnt Claire and Uncle Jim could visit and see it in person! It was so pretty! Her cousin Emily has the same dress, so we were hoping to take pictures of the 2 girls together--that would have been too cute!

Anna was at such a cute stage during their visit. When Aunt Claire and Uncle Jim got here, she was still crawling a lot, but taking some tentative steps. Each day, she got more confidant in her walking, and by the time they left, she was not crawling at all! She still has that cute wide-legged waddle, but she is starting to bend her knees a little and not be quite so Frankenstein-ish, LOL.

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Pilot Mom said...

I just LOVE this beautiful little girl!!! What a smile! She just lights up a room. How I wish Emily could have been here too. It would have been sooo much fun. Maybe this next year?! You know what I'm [not] saying?!