Monday, May 07, 2007

Grace Settles In

Grace will be one week old tomorrow! She is finally opening her eyes more, much to the delight of the boys. Unfortunately, she is not a very cooperative photography subject in that eyes-open state, and the pictures I've taken consist of her glaring balefully into the camera or off to the side. I'll keep working on it though. Maybe she will just be a more serious baby, like Luke and Jonathan. Her skin has really cleared up nicely, so it would be a shame not to document that!

She also seems to have gotten her days and nights more into order. She is having more awake times during the day, and a longer stretch at night, much to the delight of her mother. There is however still lots of room for improvement, LOL.

Nursing is still going well, and I've started pumping too. It looks like once again I will have enough milk to feed a small third world country.

We all ventured out to church on Sunday, where Grace was a big hit. She almost made it through the whole service before needing to be nursed.

I actually am not feeling as well today, so I've gone back to taking Motrin in the morning and evening. I think it is bothering me to have this much milk. Also, I think my pelvis is finally realizing that it experienced a traumatic event, LOL, and it is achier this week than last. I have been resting though--it has been so nice having my parents here to help. I think I've napped or slept in every day! I have a friend who just had her 4th baby, and her husband is on a 6 month TDY. I don't know how she does it, but my hat is off to her!


Pilot Mom said...

Thanks for the update! I/we can hardly wait to get there! I can't believe it will be NEXT WEEK! ACK!

Christa said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! You and baby Grace both look beautiful! Great story! I read up on the last several posts. Quite an adventure indeed! It seems like by the time you've had this many, they should be walking out, but isn't it baffling when things drag? I wasn't induced for Jamie's birth, but it was very similar in how it went on and on. Enjoy this new family member! Wow...two girls! Maybe if you keep going for a while you'll tie up the score!