Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not My Week . . .

Well, I don't mean to be a downer, but this week apparently is not my week. We've been looking faithfully on craigslist for a bunk bed for Caleb and Jonathan's room. I really want one with a twin on top and double on bottom, and they have been very hard to come by. I've called or emailed about a few, but I've never been the first one. Last night I saw one and I called right away--and I was the first! Yay for me! I asked when I could come see it, and she said tomorrow (meaning today, Wednesday) after 2:00. They live on the south side of NoVA, probably about 45 minutes away.

This morning, Bob took Aunt Claire, my dad, and Caleb and Jonathan down to the World War II Memorial, and they were back by 1:00. While they were gone, the lady called to tell me that she would actually be home a little earlier, around 1:00, and so it would be good if we were there closer to 1:00. I said fine, and as soon as Bob got home, I got in the van, and we left. We stopped for gas, and I called the lady to tell her that we were on our way, but we'd be a little later than 1:00, and she said that she was glad I had called--her husband had shown the beds to some people while she was out, and they bought them. Okay. Ummm . . . Did we do something wrong in craigslist etiquette? She told me when it would work out for us to come (and this morning was not an option for her, she said), and we were going to be there. So how come someone else could show up and buy it first?! That never happened to me any of the other times I called about beds! The people always said they had someone else coming to look, and if they were available after that, they would let me know. And they never were. So I'm pretty frustrated with the whole thing. I feel like Nathan and Luke--"That's not FAIR!" Oh well. That's life for this week, anyhow.


Chris and Johanna said...

I feel really bad for you this week. Not just the let down of missing out on family time but I feel bad for the boys -- what a disappointment.
I hate to say the phrase" I know exactly how you feel" to anyone,because it always sounds so cliche and superficial. However, I have had those weeks and I wouldn't wish them on an enemy. I hope that things start to go better soon.

Remember as much as it isnt fair, God always has a plan, maybe it just hasn't revealed itself yet.

I don't know if you will still have company, but Chris, Caden and I will be up there from 31 May - 2 Jun, and Caden and I will just be hanging out during the day while Chris is at work. Let me know if you have time -- maybe we could get together for a bit and check out little Grace. ( Caden can show off his tongue too )

We will be praying that you find the beds and/or that something good happens soon.

witw said...

You were definitely in the right; the lady committed a huge craigslist faux pas. The only even remotely similar thing I've had is where I e-mailed someone back to say they were first; waited an appropriate time and didn't get a response, then notified the next person in line. Then maybe things could have gotten confusing, but with the phone calls and an appointment? Just shocking! She should be banned from CL.

Jenna said...
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Jenna said...

That's why I love your blog... you are very open about your ups and downs... its life. Thank you for showing me that others have struggles too and don't understand the why's. Praying this situation works out even better than you expected!

Christa said...

Hang in there, friend! That certainly is pretty uncouthe. Sounds like communication gap between the couple. It happened to us recently with a swingset! Enjoyed catching up on your blog and life!