Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Here are my 6 reasons for celebrating today. I always wanted to be a mom, and by high school I even wanted a "big" family--of course, that then to me meant 4 kids, LOL. I am so blessed to be the mom for Nathan, Luke, Caleb, Jonathan, Anna, and Grace.

After church, Bob grilled steaks for us, and we also had baked potatoes, sourdough bread (my favorite!), salad, and fruit. Yum!!! And best of all, Anna and Grace napped--you can't have that at a restaurant!

Happy Mother's Day to all my Mommy friends!!!


Pilot Mom said...

What a wonderful group of children to be Mom to! :D

Chris and Johanna said...

Sounds like you had the perfect mothers day. The kids look great.

I wanted to have a big family of 5 kids when I was in high school. We might make it there. Depends on if God blesses us with a girl next or not.

Dy said...

Isn't that the most perfect celebration of Mother's Day - the children who made us Moms. :-)

I'm so sorry that I've been so lax about commenting. But I've been reading, and laughing, and smiling, and praying.

LOVE that beautiful baby girl - oh, so precious! Welcome to the world, Sweet Grace!!! Tell those boys to keep up the good work on all they've been doing. And Anna - oh, she's been so BUSY!

Thank you for sharing your sweet stories, and wonderful joys with us. Even when we're bad invisible friends and don't comment for eons. :-S


melissa said...

AWwwwww..what a very sweet picture of beautiful children. A belated Happy Mothers day.