Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two Weeks Old!

Grace had her 2 week well-baby appointment yesterday. She is now 9 pounds, so she regained her birth weight, plus a few ounces. She's 21 1/2 inches long, and everything looks good! Here she is in the arms of her loving big brother Caleb. He is the one who has shown the most interest in her, and he always wants to hold her. You might not believe it, based on the lack of pictures, but she has her eyes open quite a bit now, always with such a serious look on her face, and a furrowed brow. Who knows what deep thoughts she is entertaining. She looks a lot like Jonathan did as a baby, and he was also very serious. I'll have to root up a picture of him back then to post for comparison!

Grace has been doing really well at night, continuing to stretch out her long sleep period. Last night I fed her at 10:00, and then she woke up at 4:30, and again at 8:30. Ahhh.

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