Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Break!

We had our last Rivendell of 2013 on Tuesday!  It was kind of crazy, as we had snow/ice, as well as sickness (Megan's kids as well as some of Christine's family) to deal with.  So we ended up just meeting in the morning for economics and chemistry.

For chemistry, we are finishing up the part on the gas laws, so we collected the carbon dioxide produced by reacting vinegar and baking soda in our handy dandy "gas collection apparatus" we worked up with an Erlenmeyer flask, glass tube, rubber tubing, and a 2-liter bottle filled completely with water (measured of course, so we had an accurate volume), which was immersed in water in that plastic tub.  The tub had some "hairline fractures", hence the purple duct tape in the corners.  We couldn't get the 2 liter to stay up, so we employed more purple duct tape.  Very festive!  If only I had red and green!  All that was to be able to measure the gas that displaced water in the 2 liter bottle, and then use the ideal gas law to determine the percentage of acetic acid in vinegar.  Fun!  You can see Eric, as represented by the computer, being held up to make sure he can see the gas bubbling into the bottle, LOL.

It is so nice to be on break now, though.  I have felt like I was dropping the ball on lots of little things lately, so hopefully this break can help us all decompress and relax.  And maybe now I can start getting excited about Christmas!  We put the tree up on Saturday, but I was feeling very grinch-like.  If it were only up to me, we wouldn't have done anything to decorate!  I guess that's another reason why it's good I have all these little people around, who were so very excited to see all the ornaments and put theirs on the tree!  

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