Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Family Time

One last catch-up post from Christmas, with some more random pictures and memories from our time in Ohio!
 Grandma and Grandpa had to buy a second little table so the younger set would all fit!  Micah was definitely not missing out on sitting in the little chairs.
 We played a lot of games--Skip-bo and Scrabble before Christmas, and Ticket to Ride afterwards!

 We made cut-out cookies Thursday.  I tried a new recipe, and I was really pleased with it because it held together quite well, so that it wasn't too hard for the kids to get the cookies onto the cookie sheets themselves.  Luke was a tremendous help with everyone.
 I love this picture of Elia!  Such a sweetie!
 We decorated the cookies Friday afternoon.  Lots and lots and lots of sprinkles!!
 Many books were read, in this case here by Uncle Dan.
 We made the customary trek to Youngs Dairy Thursday night.  We even got to watch the cows being milked!  We definitely take up a lot of real estate at this point!  Good thing the restaurant wasn't very crowded.
 Friday, Dan, Melinda, and Bob took the girls and Jonathan to the Boonshoft Museum, a very favorite destination.  They got there right as it opened, so it wasn't very crowded at first.  They were able to move through it ahead of everyone else, so the kids had a wonderful time playing everywhere.

Saturday, everyone except Drew, Micah, and I went bowling on base, but I forgot to give my phone to Bob, so no pictures!  Bowling on base is great--really cheap, smoke-free, and they have gutter bumper things and an adorable little dragon slide thing for little kids to use, so the ball gets a bit of momentum and doesn't take a year to roll slowly down the endless lane toward the pins.

The girls are all wearing their matching "I love my cousins" t-shirts I found on cafepress.com and got for Christmas presents.  They looked so cute!  Their cousins are certainly missing Emily and Elia right now!

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