Friday, December 06, 2013

Happy Birthday, Drew!

So Drew turned one early Saturday morning, amid all the hub-bub of the Thanksgiving weekend.  Hard to believe it's been a year since I was thinking I would never progress in labor, and then, in one contraction I progressed the last 4 cms and pushed him out 5 minutes later!  And now we're just a few days away from it being a year since I had that lovely uterine infection after the birth.  So much to celebrate, LOL!
Well, please don't mention this to Drew when he's older but (*whispering*) we never really actually celebrated at all this weekend.  It was busy with the trip to PA and Bob's mom being sick, and once we got home, we were getting ready for Rivendell, doing the passports, going to Anna and Grace's last gymnastics class ("show day" on Monday afternoon).  No time for cake!  No gifts, either, because seriously, what on earth could a one year want that we would not already have?!
I did make another big batch on chocolate banana muffins (30 of them--used up 6 ripe bananas!), which we brought to Rivendell on Tuesday.  After lunch, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Drew.  He did not appear all that impressed with the singing, but he was very much into the muffin!
Although we did not do much to celebrate Drew, we definitely celebrate him every day, because he is such a special part of our family!  He's a ton of fun, especially now that he is in that "still pretty new walker" phase, where he walks with the real wide, unsteady gait of a drunken sailor.  So cute!  People still race to be the one to get him up from naps and hold him.  He definitely has it good!
Today Drew had his one year well-baby appointment.  I am pleased to report that he is now all of 20.11 pounds, which puts him at the 15th percentile, up from the 5th percentile!  The doctor was quite pleased!  He is still hanging out at the 53rd percentile for length, which is what he was 3 months ago as well.  Drew's pediatrician is getting ready to move to Chicago, to the Great Lakes Naval Hospital.  I am so sorry to see him go, because he is really nice and friendly!  That is the way of military medicine though--don't get too attached!
Drew got shots today--I know, that is a pretty disappointing gift!  Hopefully Drew will sleep well and get over them quickly.  Micah had a little bug Wednesday and Thursday where he just ran a fever and had a runny nose (and was grouchy, LOL).  If Drew starts running a fever, I won't be sure if it is the shots or a virus given as a gift by his big brother!
Happy birthday, Drew!  Next year we'll do more to celebrate--I promise!!

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