Sunday, December 08, 2013

Snow Day!

Today we FINALLY got some snow, and it was so wonderful!  There wasn't too much when we woke up, and the roads were just fine, but I just could not get enthused about getting all the kids ready for all the cold and dampness to go to church.  Luke was scheduled for a basketball game that he needed to be at at 12:00.  Bob and Nathan were working in children's church, so I would be leaving church early already at 11:45 with Luke, Caleb, and Jonathan to get Luke to his game.  (And it was an important detail that I take more than just Luke, since we would be driving 2 minivans, and that means only 7 children can fit with Bob in the Sienna . . . it's always complicated!)  Plus, Micah's nose was running a bit, so I didn't really want to put him in the nursery.

So, with all that in mind, we decided that only Bob and Nathan would go to church.  I was sad not to hear Mike preach on Micah because he always has amazing sermons, but I also felt a huge load off my back!  We all had a leisurely morning, Drew got to take a nap, and it was just so nice.

Around 11:30, just as Luke and I were getting ready to leave, the email came in that his game was cancelled.  He and Nathan had been supposed to participate in a food drive with their CAP squadron in the afternoon, but that got cancelled yesterday.  And their teen CBS (Community Bible Study) for the evening got cancelled as well, so we had a day free of any outside activities! It was HEAVENLY!!

I decided it is actually nicer for a homeschooling mom of high schoolers to have a weekend snow day.  When we get snow during the week, nothing much changes about my daily schedule--we still do school, just now I am dealing with impatient kids who want to go outside to play!  But on Sunday I didn't have to get anything else accomplished, and it was so nice not to have to drive around to activities.  The kids did go outside to play for awhile (you can see Luke bouncing barefoot in the picture, although that didn't last too long!).  I got caught up on my chemistry grading.  It was so peaceful.  I had such a refreshing day!

Micah got tired out by his excursions in the snow, and he fell asleep on the couch, all snuggled up with his beloved blue blanket.  When he got up, he was again running a little low-grade fever, so I was doubly glad I hadn't tried to take him to church.  Hopefully he'll be able to kick this bug tomorrow for good!  Drew, who had all the shots, has not had any signs of fever or anything at all!  He missed all the snow play though. Hopefully next time! 

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